Friday, September 16, 2011


BOO! When I came across the idea of a candy arrangement...I thought what a great use of my mummy can.  I may use it come October to "boo" my  neighbor.  How much fun would that be for the kids?!

To make the can, I bought an empty pint can at Home Depot.  I then wrapped it with gauze and inked it with brown ink to make it look aged.  For the eyes, I punched out 2 different sizes and tucked them in the gauze. 

The candy is attached to candy sticks (Wilton) with tape.  I stuck the sticks in foam that is inside the can.  Now to finish it off I will probably stamp some sentiment like " BOO to YOU" and attach it to another stick. 

Fun idea for teacher, coworker, etc.  BOO!

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  1. there is a cute Boo Poem..if you google it I am sure you will find it. If you are having trouble finding it, I can email it to you.